The Lost Ways Review

This is the ONLY “The Lost Ways Review” that will show you details about the book and the product before you buy it. In this review, I will tell you all the contents of the book and what you can learn from them.

Do you know how our grandparents survived without any electricity, refrigerators, computers, internet?

How did they achieved independence from powerful Britain of that time?

How they survived without any hyperactive law enforcement and without dialing 911?

Our grandfathers have survived with all these things and they passed the knowledge to their successors. Unfortunately, when we started living in comfort of our modern lives, we forgot all the knowledge that was precious then everything.

Now the time has come that we need to relearn all the lost ways that our forefathers have used to carve their names in the history. Believe it or not, we are passing through the time that every one of us has to be trained to survive alone. Clock is ticking and if you don’t act soon, you will be unknown causality.

What I am going to reveal to you all is a book written by Claude Davis: The Lost Ways.  In this book, authors reveals all the secrets that our ancestors have used to survive wars, famine, diseases, economic crises and anything that life enforced upon them. These are the secrets that will help you and your loved ones to survive, when America crushes into the ground.

Who Is Claude Davis?


Claude Davis, as you know is the author of this Book, but who really he is in real life? He is adventurist and survivalist. He is one of those person who know how to survive in the worst.  But he was not like this from the start. He was just curious and he wanted to learn everything about greater tragedies. He devoted his complete life in pursuit of survival knowledge. After he has attained some great secrets, he created THE LOST WAYS PROGRAM so that he can share the knowledge with fellow human beings.


He knew that modern man is far away from the skills of surviving catastrophes. Many of us think that we will never face any situation where we have to use survival skills, but we underestimate the nature of Terrorism, Wars, Economic recessions and Civil up rifts. I would like to quote some words of Claude Davis here:


What are The Benefits of THE LOST WAYS?

Well, there are numerous benefits and I can literally cannot recount them all in my honest review of this program. Still I’m going to tell you people few of them:

  1. This a step by step guide; which means that following this guide won’t be issue because there is no complexity.
  2. This step by step guide will make you independent person who can survive through any calamity; psychologically and physically both.
  3. There is no need that you should be experienced; you just need to be motivated. Anyone with motivation can carry out all the steps mentioned.
  4. This guide will explain you all the secrets that Native American used to escape from tragedies.
  5. You will learn how to conserve water and use it for longer period. This technique was used by Spanish sailors in 17th century to conserve waters in their ships.
  6. You will learn to fight without ammunition. Factually, you could create ammunition from day to day stuff around you.
  7. There are many other survival skills and tactics that will be revealed in complete set of this guide, which includes 4 books.


This is the assumption that Claude Davis wants you to live on. If life gives you lemons, what should you do? Of course make a lemonade. Now, this guide can 100% teach you how to make this lemonade. You can either sit down or cry in the times of struggle, pain and calamities, which is almost what everyone does, OR you can take a stand and live in the finest ways that is possible. Let me tell you one thing here; living finest is in the blood of Americans but the state which we are passing through now a daysis seriously very heartbreaking.

We all need to prepare ourselves for the worst as we are living in very unforgivable time. This doesn’t means that our lives are in danger. In the time of peace, we need to prepare ourselves to survive and that is what you can expect from this guide.

Why I Have Written The Lost Ways Review?

Most honestly and very shortly, I am die hard patriotic person and I want every person of my beloved America to become as strong as our forefathers were. Believe it or not, present world scenario has made everyone enemy of USA and we need to prepare ourselves.Order Now


We have already talked about some of the techniques but they were in less details. Let’s talk about few techniques in detail. Before you read these, you might want to see the video that I mentioned above in which Davis explained how to make survival food that lasts life time without any need of refrigeration.

First of let’s take most important element that is required during bad times. THE LEADERSHIP SKILLS; without leader any group can land directly into a trap. You will learn what essential traits of a leader are and how you can inculcate these into your personality. You will be responsible for hundreds of value able lives during terrible time and you know everyone start panicking during such times. That is why you need to learn how to control the uncontrollable. Being a leader you will have to know how to survive and keep your group alive.

Secondly, The Lost Ways will teach you how to live without our modern day techs and gadgets. You will be able to make your own:

  • Weapons
  • Medicines
  • Food
  • Shelter

Moreover, you will learn to remain cool and calm duringharsh times. Everyone loses their minds even when they are dumped by their counterparts; you know what I mean. We have grown to become so delicate and this delicacy of yours will be removed by Claude Davis guide.



Ruff Simons is an old history expert and former deputy as well, he will disclose some of the techniques and methods that were used by old sheriffs to defend whole town and villages with meager means; they were always outnumbered and outgunned by the local gangs and robbers and still they won. The most important aspect of whole learning would be using your WISDOM to save everyone around you.

ERIK BAINBRIDGE is a Native American and he will teach you simple and easy methods to build subterranean roundhouse, which they used to build in his native village of Kule Loklo in California. That roundhouse will be multipurpose, it will be cold in summers and hot in winters. It will protect you from storms, floods and hurricanes; a perfect hideout. Moreover, these hideouts have enough room for three to four families.

The Lost Ways


  1. The Lost Ways program comes with 60 days money back guarantee. If you don’t like the program, or for any reason you want your money back, you will get it in 60 days. No question asked.
  2. The program is step by step guide. Which means that it is easy to follow.
  3. Language used is also easily comprehensible. The final draft was edited by famous editors of The New York Times.
  4. Experts have endorsed this program and they have even added their beneficial knowledge in it as well.
  5. The book does come in PDF as a soft copy and in hard copy as well.


  1. Well, on the serious note there are no negative points of this book that I have found. May be there are some, but to me; this is the perfect guide.
  2. Yeah, you have to leave your comfort zones in order to achieve something and that is what Claude Davis is going to make you do. I still don’t consider it a negative point.



In conclusion, I can just say that if you want to know about the valuable lost knowledge, just don’t think and spend few dollars to get it. You won’t regret it. I guarantee.

And if you have any question. Ask in the comments section below.

The Lost Ways Guide